Mr. Pradeep Jindal

Dear Parents, I am delighted to welcome you to Jindal International School. This message represents our vision and commitment for providing excellent education to your child so they can become independent, active and responsible members of the society. I strongly believe that education is the biggest asset not only for an individual but for the nation as well. The foundation is laid in school and there is a greater need to align formal education with values and responsibilities to help the students to become active members of the community.

My vision is to find ways to make the educational systems more humane, equitable, and relevant to the changing world scenario, using technology to link schools and youth globally. What we are hoping for is to nurture our children into lovely human beings and enlightened minds and compassionate hearts, children who will grow up to make the world a more vibrant, peaceful and beautiful place in which all can live in harmony.

I cordially invite you to visit our school personally and feel what makes Jindal International School so special and unique.

Life is an opportunity-never give up, your hard work and efforts will lead you to success.

“Your future is in your hands”. This is what I want to tell the student community.