Mr. Rakesh Jain

We truly believe that every child has the right to quality education and we should embrace every opportunity we get to support the hunger and thirst of education for all of our students. I am immensely proud to be the M.D of Jindal International School Budhlada. The richness of diversity, the electric vibe of character and ambitious outlooks, combine together to form the backbone of our school. The school aims to create a society of students dedicated to the love of learning and maintaining this throughout their lives. Parental support and engagement are integral for learning. A strong link between home and school is ideal and enhances a student’s understanding and enjoyment of school. Today’s youth and children live in a fast-paced and changing world where social and technology pressures push them to grow up rapidly. I believe that our role as educators is to redefine such pressures so that the essence of childhood is kept intact. All our staff strives to create a climate of learning with strong, open and positive partnership between adults, children and the wider community that ensures the well-being of all stakeholders.

I thank you for trusting JIS to nurture your child and assure you that we will do what we can do to fulfil the dreams of your child. This will always remain my personal commitment to you.