About Our School

Jindal International School grabs little kids, nurtures, nourises, mends and mould these young minds into confident, all rounders ready to face the challenges of life. We don’t see education as a claustrophobic, soul-killing exercise that centers on classroom conditioning and stunts the creative instinct of the individual. Education at our School is a highly interactive, two-way process in which the teachers and the taught are fellow on an insatiable intellectual exploration of the world around them. Our educational tools are designed to help students think out of the box, learn through application, be practical and adopt holistic approaches when confronted with life’s puzzles.

Teachers encourage the students to discuss everything freely, guide them at every step, mould their impressionable minds to look for beauty in everything, and step out into the world as all-rounders, with self-assurance and confidence in every step.

In keeping with our philosophy, we carefully select teachers who are not only trained in their field but are also people of integrity and substance. The teachers are fully qualified professionals with plenty of experience. With classroom strength not exceeding 25 students, teachers are able to devote adequate and personalized attention to every student at the school. At our school, the teacher-student relationship is not restricted to the classroom alone and children are encouraged to freely consult teachers on any matter.