Jindal International School has been striving to give our students the best education possible since our establishment. We firmly believe that each child is special, unique in their own right and has skills just below the surface, waiting to be guided and developed. With our magnificent infrastructure, skilled teachers and singular education structure, we aim to help all students develop not only academically but also emotionally, and athletically.

We want to instil in our children compassion, honesty, responsibility and respect so that when they leave school, they’re well-equipped to handle the challenges of the world outside. Without the right encouragement, it isn’t possible for a student to reach their best potential and for this, we are on a mission to make sure each child has a nurturing environment where they feel comfortable to grow independent.

Jindal International School aims to have a national and global reputation as a school that provides the best education to young and developing minds. We make sure all children feel included and respected and that teachers and students alike can set aside our differences for the purpose of learning.

I am proud to say I belong to the JIS family, which is dedicated completely to help children learn new things while instilling in them a sense of balance, tradition and ethics.


Jindal International School